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We understand how much time, energy, and money goes into education. Not only are your kids' college dreams at stake, but higher scores on the SAT and ACT can mean more money from merit based scholarships. Because SAT or ACT scores account for up to 50% of the admissions decision at many colleges, getting good scores not only means getting into your school of choice, but can mean money saved through scholarships. Test prep shouldn't be taken lightly. Therefore, investing in quality prep with College Insights ensures that you are getting seasoned pros to help you and your student through this process. Don't skimp now. It could mean you pay a big price later. 


SAT only      $1195  5 weeks 10 classes/4 diagnostic tests
ACT only      $1195  5 weeks 10 classes/4 diagnostic tests


SAT/ACT       $1295 Our SAT course coupled with 4 additional sessions for the ACT


COMPLETE PREP    $1395  Most kids take the SAT or ACT multiple times.  Our SAT/ACT course followed by unlimited review classes before future tests. 

One-to-one PRIVATE TUTORING 15 hours $1695  20 hours $2195
Semi-Private    Two students, 20 hours/ 4 diagnostic tests  $1395 per student
Small Group      This a a very popular option for kids with similar schedules (sport teams, clubs, etc). You and your buddies can tackle the test together at times that work for YOU. Prices vary with the number of kids.  More kids, lower price.  Please inquire for specifics.
All classes are 3 hours long. Diagnostic tests are meant to simulate real conditions and last approximately 3.5 hours. Pizza is provided on Wednesday evenings, because, hey, we said this was FUN.
College Insights strives to cater to everyone's scheduling needs. Miss a class? Have a soccer game during a diagnostic test? Don't worry. All makeup classes are FREE of charge. We know how hard fitting it all in is.


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