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Our company mission is to make test prep as easy and fun as possible. We guarantee our program, because it works. Unlike other tutoring companies, we consider ourselves experts on the tests, as well as subject content area. We combine unparalleled skill sets with comprehensive teaching strategies and tailor them to help every level of student we see. Tests can cause extreme anxiety, and we  offer a step by step approach that gives kids the tools they need, allowing them to feel confident on the real test dates. 


College Insights has been preparing students for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT since 1991. Our students regularly raise their PSAT and SAT scores by 100 to more than 200 points, with an average improvement of 179 points, and ACT scores by 3 to more than 6 points, with an average improvement of 4.2 points. We are the only test preparation company that stands behind its score improvement claims with a money-back guarantee. College Insights will work again for free with any student who attends all classes and fails to raise SAT scores by at least 100 points or ACT score by at least 3 points. If, after this additional work, the student still fails to raise scores by at least these amounts, College Insights will refund the entire course fee. No other test prep company offers this guarantee. College Insights does, because our program works.



Don't settle for amateurs. Get the scoop from experts in the field.



Our Team

Rob  founded College Insights after attending Phillips Academy, Andover, George Washington University and CU. He is recognized as one of the top test prep instructors in the US, and has personally helped thousands of students raise their test scores. It doesn't hurt that his own testing acumen qualified him for Mensa.

Jeremy attended Phillips Exeter Academy before CU. A near perfect tester (SAT 2350), he is also an avid skiier and musician. he has taught since 2007.

Zoe graduated from Haverford College and USC Marshall College of Business. Zoe was instrumental in our online SAT course, creating much of the material.

Madeleine has taught with College Insights since 2010 after she graduated form Vassar with an English degree and a minor in Performing Arts. She brings a unique

energy to our classes.

Ben graduated cum laude from CU with a degree in Engineering. He received his Master's from UofM and scored 800 on math (perfect).

Steve is a 2009 Dartmouth College graduate and is an expert on a wide variety of SAT Subject tests.He had perfect scores on Math Level 2 and Physics and is a whiz at Chemistry and Biology.

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